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a. Karachi-Tuitions for Male-Tutors :

    1. Home-Tutor required for 4,8-class students in FBArea block-14 Karachi/ fee negotiable.
    2. 6,7-class students in DHA-2,
    3. KG-2 class student of Nation School System in Nazim Chorangi North-Karachi/ fee Rs 7,000,
    4. 9-class student of Bio-group in Gulistan e Jouhar Chorangi,
    5. 7-class student near Saudi Consulate DHA Karachi,
    6. 1 to 7 class students in Baldia Town/ fee negotiable,
    7. 11,12/Physics, Maths in Peaples Chorangi/ Buffer Zone / fee negotiable,
    8. 1,2,6-class students in Gulshan e Jamaal near Millenium Mall / fee 8k,
    9. I.Com-1,2 & FA Buffer Zone,
    10. 7/Roots School in Bahria Tn/Karachi,
    11. 6-class/Maths, Science, English Gulshan e Iqbaal 13-A-block/fee 7k,
    12. 12/pre-Engg Gulshan e Iqbaal,
    13. 2-students of ICS in Mahmood Abaad near DHA,
    14. O-2,O-1,7/Accounting, Economics, Maths etc at Share’ Faisal opposite Awaami Markaz/fee 15-20k@2hours,
    15. 7 North Nazimabad near Inter Board,
    16. 2-students of 10th class in Buffer Zone/ sector 15-B,
    17. 8-class Korangi-3,
    18. 8-class Korangi-6,
    19. Graphic Designing, Online Shopping Clifton,
    20. 4/oxford Rifah e Aam/Maleer,
    21. 12/Computer M-block/North Nazima Abaad,
    22. 9-class in DHA-2 extension/fee 6-7 k,
    23. 2,4 Garden,

b. Karachi-Tuitions for female-tutors :

    1. KG-2 class student of Nation School System in Nazim Chorangi North-Karachi/ fee Rs 7,000,
    2. 5,9-class students/ Bio-group of Agha Khan Board in Garden East,
    3. O-1/Math,Phy,Che in Gulistan e Jouhar/block-1,
    4. A-Level female-student/subjects Physics and Chemistry in Malir/Cantt,
    5. Prep, 4, 6-classes near 4-K-Chorangi,
    6. I.Com-1,2 & FA Buffer Zone,
    7. I.Com-2 Shahrah e Faisal,
    8. I.Com-2 Mahmood Abaad-6,
    9. 1-class Munawwar-Churangi/Gulistan-e-Jouhar,
    10. I.Com-1 Bara Dari North Karachi/ time 12-noon/Private student,
    11. KG-class in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block-13,
    12. 4,5 Godra New Karachi,
    13. KG,1,2 korangi,
    14. 2,4,7 Korangi No.2,
    15. 5 Hijrat Colony/3-Talwaar,
    16. 11/Bio,Phy Bahria,
    17. 4,7 Old Sabzi Mandi,
    18. KG,2 Korangi,
    19. KG,1,5 Gulshan e Jamaal opp Askary-4,
    20. 2,3 Manzoor-Colony

Respected Registered Tutors, please  SMS Only  your Interest and Suitability at:

03000042203 ,

and please  Don’t Call, we’ll contact back to you after checking your suitability for the desired assignment.

Note for New-Teachers :
Please read the post “Registration Methods for New Tutors” and follow the instructions to register yourself in the Academy to be eligible to take any assignment.

Thanks for your cooperation,
Al’Rahmaan Academy.

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