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Quraan Home-Tuitions in Different Areas are given below:

  1. Online Quraan Tuitions ,
  2. In the Pujab Quraan Home-Tuitions ,
  3. In Sindh Quraan Home-Tuitions ,
  4. In KPK Quraan Home-Tuitions ,
  5. In Quetta Quraan Home-Tuitions ,
  6. In AJK Quraan Home-Tuitions ,

1. Quraan-Tuitions in Lahore for Male Qaari:

in the area of Kot Lakhput near General Hospital Nazirah Quraan students,

2. Quraan-Tuitions in Lahore for female Qaariah:

female students of Naazirah Quraan in the area of  Misri Shah / New ShadBagh, Laal Pul MughalPura,


3. Quraan-Tuitions in Islamabaad / Pindi for Male Qaari :

  1. Quraan Naazirah in DHA-2 near Giga Mall,


4. Quraan-Tuitions in Islamabaad / Pindi for female Qaariah:

Tuition of Naazirah Quraan for Qaariah Saahibah in the areas of

  1. Tarlaee, Ghauri Town,
  2. Bahria Town phase-8 and
  3. Khurram Colony near Satellite Town RaawalPindi,


5. Quraan-Tuitions in Karachi for female Qaariah :

Qaariah in 1. Buffer Zone/FBArea, 2. Gulshan e Iqbaal/block-11 and 3. DHA/phase-6,


6. Quraan-Tuitions in Peshawar City for Male Qaari :

One student of Hifz and three students of Naazirah in the area of Murshid Abaad Kohat Road Peshawar ,


7. Quraan-Tuitions in Sadiqabaad for Male Qaari :

in the area of Jinah Town,


8. Quraan-Tuitions in SheikhuPura for Male Qaari:

in the area of Hakeeman Wala Bazaar/ Peer Bahaar Shah,


9. Quraan-Tuitions in SheikhuPura for female Qaariah:

in the area of Hakeeman Wala Bazaar/ Peer Bahaar Shah,

10. Quran-Tuitions in Sakhar for Male-Qaari,

in Township,


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Note for New-Teachers:
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